How It All Began

It all started when someone invited us to a monthly steel match. When we arrived at the range, I was so nervous! After all, I normally bench shoot.

I was loading my magazines with Colten and my sister, Emily, when a guy walked over to us and gave us magazine loaders. The guy was Jeff Chaffin. This moment was memorable to me for some reason, and it’s probably going to be stuck in my mind forever.

After that, we were invited to the 2017 NSSF Lonestar Championship . I had a great deal of fun shooting with my friends and meeting new people. It was also a very interesting experience for me because, I am a seriously nervous person when it comes to meeting new people. But in the end, I had a great time. My sister won 2nd place for Youth Limited!

When it was time for the prize table, we were so hyped. To clarify, by “we” I mean my sister, Colten, and myself. By the end of the day, we all had our arms full of prizes, that we could barely hold them all. That was the moment, I first became interested with the sport.

When I REALLY became hooked, was during the 2017 NSSF Rimfire Challenge World Championship. I met so many people, I was having an overload of nerves! But I pushed through and had fun. I met Oleg Volk there, too. He’s a nice man and a great photographer. I’ve never met someone who could take such perfect pictures! It amazes me how close and friendly the shooting community is.

After a year of hard work and a lot of practice at the range, I finally placed.. At the 2018 Lonestar Championship, I placed 2nd in Junior Open and 1st in Junior Limited! The rush I had when they called my name was indescribable!

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