The Tennessee State Steel Challenge Championship

Saturday morning on October 20th, I realize how behind I am on writing this blog, we were at the Dead Zero Shooting Park checking in. When we walked in, I instantly felt the warm air wrap around me. That was a nice reprieve from the cold light rain from outside. After we checked in, we drove down to the bays that we would be shooting at later. On the way to the shooting bays the scenery was very beautiful with a pond and picnic tables. We stopped to let some geese cross the road. When arriving at the shooting bays we’d be using for the championship, I noticed the way the bays were arranged, I was seriously impressed.

My dad, my sister and I had a great time talking with the Bragg family, members of Team Norsemen, and Steve Foster.  Later we decided to warm up in the main building and find lunch. After lunch, we gathered our equipment and went out to meet our squad. I was ready to get rolling.

On Saturday, it was Emily, Mike, and me shooting in our squad. We shot through the stages quickly. I think I shot pretty well on the stages with my pistol. I certainly prefer my iron pistol over my open and it shows! That will be something I will need to work on over the winter break. Nonetheless, this trip will give the chance to improve my classifications.

On Sunday morning, it was noticeably colder than the day before. I was so happy that we were shooting in the afternoon! When it was our time to shoot, the temperature was rising and for that, I was thankful. This time, our squad had a couple other people on it. On our second to last stage, it was warm enough for me to take my jacket off. Tennessee weather is similar to Texas. Next time I will come prepared!

Overall, the Dead Zero Shooting Park is a cool place. I love how the bays are set up and it looks so beautiful. The main building was warm and cozy, and my fingers appreciated the warmth. Everyone working the match was nice and it was a relaxing weekend of shooting.

I was pleased with the results from my first Tier II Steel Challenge Match. I placed 1st in Ladies RFPI & 2nd in Ladies RFRI.

Congratulations to all the category and division winners. You all shot amazing!

Dead Zero Shooting Park offers monthly steel matches. If you live near the area or nearby visiting, check them out. www.deadzeroshooting.com


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