2019 Georgia Steel Challenge Championship

This past weekend, I attended the 2019 Georgia State Steel Challenge! Although a bit muddy, I had a blast!

I shot my RFPO and RFPI Friday morning. While driving to the range, we took the last turn onto John Weaver Road and we all started questioning the road. The road started out decent, but as we drove on, we realized that we were going to be on a muddy adventure! We make it to the entrance and realize that there was another road leading to the entrance! Let me note that the other entrance wasn’t near as muddy as the road we took. I know a few others took this route, but the only two people I can name are the Bakers! Congrats to anyone else that made it!!

When everyone started shooting, I was hoping the rain would hold off until we finished. The rain held off long enough for the morning shooters to finish but not the afternoon shooters! When the squad we were ROing only had a few stages left, we noticed the dark clouds rolling in. The smell changed, the wind started blowing and the only thing you could think was, “It’s coming.” Sure enough, a strong gust blew and it felt like everything was going to blow away! My sister and I ran to the truck. When we ran by the Hunters HD Gold tent, I noticed that the back of it was blown out, but I thought Mr. Brian had done it himself. Our dad had parked the truck by a tree earlier that morning. That tree wasn’t standing anymore! We put our unsecured stuff in the truck and ran to help Mr. Brian. It was a mess!

After this exciting experience, we went out to eat with Mr. Brian and Tom Naelon. Steak and too many potatoes is a great way to end the day!

Saturday morning, I shot my RFRO and RFRI! There was a great chance of rain while we shot, but I wasn’t worried. Rain just makes the experience more fun for me. Rain adds a whole new feel to shooting!

Once we finished shooting and we started eating lunch, I forgot all about the rain. We were all reminded of the weather right when we were about to get ready to shoot. Emily and I were visiting with Mr. Brian when lightning struck. Simultaneously, everyone yells, “Awwww!” I looked at my phone and figured out when we would be able to start. 1:30 goes by and another lightning strikes. 2:00 goes by and another lightning strikes. This went on until 2:30 and it was decided that it was best for the afternoon flight to shoot the next morning. Those couple of hours of waiting was not boring! It was the perfect social hour!

Overall, the 2019 Georgia Steel Challenge Championship was a total blast!

I placed 1st in Ladies RFRO, 1st Ladies RFRI, 1st Ladies RFPO, and 2nd Ladies RFPI! In the junior category, I placed 3rd in RFRO, 2nd in RFRI, and 3rd in RFPO, and 1st RFPI! Overall, I finished 5th in RFRO, 3rd in RFRI, 6th in RFPO, and 5th in RFPI!

I would like to thank all the Match Director, ROs, and the match sponsors!

I couldn’t have done this without my sponsors:

Hunters HD Gold

Tippmann Arms

Striplin Custom Gunworks

Allchin Gun Parts

Vortex Optics



Ally Outfitters

Extreme Tactics and Training Solutions


Hodgdon Powders

Tactical Solutions


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