2019 Mississippi Steel Challenge Championship

During the 2019 MS Steel Challenge Championship, Emily and I RO’d for two flights on Saturday. The first flight was stationary and the second flight was traveling. For my first flight, I RO’d on Outer Limits. In the afternoon, Emily and I RO’d a squad with James Rushing, Grant Kunkel, and Raegan Hearn (Pineapple Shooter). I had a great time visiting with them! Plus, I was able to watch Grant shoot, so that’s a bonus! Did I mention how hot it was? The feel like temperature was 100 degrees at times! It felt like someone was rubbing sandpaper all over my face. I may or may not have forgotten to put on sunscreen the day before…

By the end of the day, I was exhausted. I’m talking saying-the-commands-in-my-sleep exhausted. I am already a sleeptalker/sleepwalker so that part isn’t so crazy. There were several times when I woke myself up saying commands. Emily even said that I kept her up! Now I can literally say I RO in my sleep. Cha-ching!

I shot my rimfire pistols on Friday and my rimfire rifles on Sunday. When the match was over, I noticed that I shot new personal bests with both my pistols! My RFPO time was 83.75 and my RFPI time was 91.62! I am slowly but surely getting faster with my pistols. My goal was to stay in the seventies with both my rifles. My times were 75.34 (RFRI) and 80.38 (RFRO).

I had a great time at this match! We had the opportunity to talk with the Kunkels and McCoys, and that’s always good. See y’all at the Rimfire Challenge World Championship!

I appreciate everyone who made this match possible! Nick Brandt did a great job running this match! Every time I RO, I realize how much work ROs put in. Thank you!

Thank you to all the match sponsors: Tippmann Arms, Pine Burr Area Council, Tandemkross, RangeStore.net, Springfield Armory, Team Match Tracker, Volquartsen Custom, Montana Gold Bullet, Hunters HD Gold, MCE Digital Armory, Steel Target Paint, Range Tactical Gear, Tactical Solutions, and Firehouse Subs.

Our squad on Sunday \/


I placed:

1st Place Master Class RFPO

1st Place Lady RFPO

1st Place Lady RFPI

2nd Place Lady RFRI

3rd Place Lady RFRO



Tippmann Arms

Hunters HD Gold

Vortex Optics

Allchin Gun Parts

Striplin Custom Gunworks

Tactical Solutions

Ally Outfitters


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