TYHP Hunt: VF Ranch in Sonora, Texas

Well y’all, I finally did it! I shot a deer without blasting the shoulders off! You see, I tend to feel more comfortable taking heart shots, but I decided to make my dad happy by doing lung shots. As of now, I have harvested seven deer. Most of those were shoulder shots, and I have a good reason for loving shoulder shots. The first reason is because deer usually drop with heart shots. The second reason is because I know the shoulder is farther from the gut. It’s just a mental thing, really.

On Saturday morning, my dad and I went out to our blind. Before the sun was up, I saw something white just hopping around our view. I assumed it was a Blackbuck because I know Whitetail deer don’t have that much white on them. I guess Blackbuck does like jumping before sunrise…? Anyway, when the sun came up, we had several Whitetail bucks come out. I’m talking mature eight pointers to small spikes. We were loaded! Sadly, our job at this hunt was to shoot does. After watching the bucks act like bucks, I heard trampling. It sounded like a herd of tiny elephants were coming from behind us. Sure enough, several Aoudad came out. Because the bucks were chasing off does, I was glad that they gave the bucks a hard time. Imagine this scene: about 30 Aoudad under the feeder acting like hogs, an Axis spike being bullied by the Aoudad, and several big Whitetail bucks being scared of the Aoudad. It felt like I was watching National Geographic! After watching several does that never came into sight, I finally saw three Blackbuck does that were heading to a perfect spot. There was a big one, slightly smaller one, and one was the smallest. As I was aiming at the big doe, my dad told me to wait because he wasn’t sure they were grown. We’re used to Whitetail does and those Blackbuck does were tiny. He googled their size to make sure they were grown. By the time we were sure they were grown, the biggest and smallest Blackbuck doe had gone into the tree line and out of sight. I decided to go for the only one in view. We were elevated so I tried to take that into consideration while aiming at her. I took the shot and she dropped. I was happy to see the Aoudad stayed at the feeder! I also scared off the bucks. The shot was at 0830 and she was about 100 yards away. After calming down, I was back to business and ready for another. At 0925, I shot a Whitetail doe. She was around 120 yards out. This is the doe I shot perfectly!

At this hunt, I decided to try not blasting off the shoulders. I had two chances to prove I could do it and on the second deer, I did it. While I was shooting the first deer, I kind of forgot about my plan… At least I remembered for the second one! When I was aiming for the shot, I tried to aim about one inch from the shoulder. When I shot her, I swear she jumped up several feet and arched her back like a cat! I was scared that it was a bad shot, but my dad assured me it was a good one. He saw the exit and a lot of blood. When we went to find her, we had one heck of a blood trail. She spurted so much blood from the exit wound- blood was everywhere. I also saw pink foam which I knew meant a lung shot. This relieved me a little. We found her laying by a tree and I was worried. I legit asked my dad if she was for sure dead! I get spooked when my deer run off because my first four deer dropped on the spot. After learning that she was dead, I was thoroughly relieved.

Just like the other TYHP hunts I have gone on, this hunt was a blast. We were on the VF Ranch in Sutton County, Sonora, TX. I appreciate the owners for allowing us to hunt on their ranch!

I wore my Hunters HD Gold while hunting and I absolutely love them. Throughout our hunting time, I was looking at the deer with and without the glasses. Every single time I put them back on, I was amazed! The leaves were greener and the deer fur stood out more with the glasses on. Alongside Hunters HD Gold, I was hunting with my Vortex Viper. The Viper is clear and makes hunting easier. Both of the products paired together make a perfect team!

Now it’s time to debone the meat and grind it up; burgers, sausage, and jerky, here I come!!

One thought on “TYHP Hunt: VF Ranch in Sonora, Texas

  1. Love reading about your hunts. Your story puts me right there in the blind as if I was hunting too Thanks for all the details and your experience while hunting

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