2021 South Georgia Steel Challenge Championship

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve written on here! So much has happened since AL State and WSSC, so I’ll just stick with my topic of today: Georgia State. This was my first time at the Little River Sportsman’s Association range and it was wonderful! The bays were nice, close, and a safety area was provided at every stage. Being a match about two weeks before WSSC, many competitors used this competition as a way to know where they’re at and what they need to work on. I’m no different. I gained a lot of valuable insight on my times, especially since we don’t normally shoot all eight stages.

Example, I shot all the stages with Production on Friday for the first time since WSSC last year. At this match, I learned that I’ve taken 20 seconds off from my best overall total time (which was from WSSC). Instead of going into the next World Speed Shoot expecting to shoot a 151, I expect to shoot a 131 or lower. In a different scenario, I experienced something I already know shouldn’t occur, but I did it anyway. I pushed too hard with PCCI. I actually did with both PCC divisions, but I managed to halfway save my PCCO. Pushing too hard caused me to gain several seconds on my overall time. While I am disappointed, I won’t dwell on it other than to think about what I can do and work on so it doesn’t happen again. It’s easy to beat yourself up when you mess up, but realizing that it’s more important to analyze what exactly went wrong is essential for growth. If one never messes up, then they never get better.

I had something different happen with my Rimfire rifles. Right from the beginning, I was worried about numbers. I was thinking about what I needed to shoot, the consequences of certain times, and where my times looked like they were going to end. This was a terrible mistake as it usually is. After the third or fourth stage, I decided to stop keeping track and to not even look at my personal best times. I instantly started performing better.

We were squadded with Chris Barrett and Jeff Jones several times, and, of course, we had a great time hanging out with them! Also, Hunters HD Gold’s amazing van! I saw it in person for the first time at this match and I was mind-blown. Brian Conley is even giving out Kona Gold energy drinks at the matches he attends!

The story is told that I kicked our cart tire and it popped… too many people stand against me so according to majority, I did pop it. I’m telling y’all, I was just standing by our cart and it popped. Straight up popped. Talk about a heart attack! Good thing we were able to buy new tires!

I had a great time talking to the staff and other competitors. Everyone was in good spirits and the match was thoroughly enjoyable. I hope to see everyone at WSSC!

I finished:

Overall: 7th out of 282
RFRO Overall: 3rd out of 76
Junior: 1st out of 7
Lady: 1st out of 14

Overall: 9th out of 282
RFRI Overall: 3rd out of 23
Junior: 1st out of 5
Lady: 1st out of 7

Overall: 34th out of 282
RFPO Overall: 5th out of 52
Junior: 2nd out of 8
Lady: 2nd out of 11

Overall: 53rd out of 282
RFPI Overall: 2nd out of 23
Junior: 2nd out of 4
Lady: 2nd out of 4

Overall: 19th out of 282
PCCO Overall: 6th out of 48
Junior: 2nd out of 4
Lady: 2nd out of 7

Overall: 35th out of 282
PCCI Overall: 3rd out of 7
Junior: 2nd out of 2
Lady: 2nd out of 3

Overall: 225 out of 282
PROD Overall: 1st out of 3

Proud ambassador for:
Steel Target Paint
Hunters HD Gold
Vortex Optics
JP Enterprises
Allchin Gun Parts
Primeaux Steel Targets

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